Thank you for visiting the home page of Spike Strip MFG, manufacturers of the new Spike-Strip Tire deflation system. Allow us to show you how the oldest concept in pursuit termination just got better. Spike-Strip exclusive features are in italics.





  • Fits Motorbikes, all patrol cars, and S.U.V.'s  
  • Spike-Strip is kept in a Holster  for quick access!   
  • More mounting locations: Cab, Trunk lid, Trunk deck shelf, Trunk floor, Trunk Tray, Officer side of  Prisoner Partition.... you pick the spot  
  • Mounts upright, sideways, upside down, and standing up on its end  
  • The Holster quick disconnect allows for transfer of Spike-Strip    
  • Cordura Bag for storage in Motorcycle, ATV's, Backpacks and other locations!     



  • Spike-Strip is light weight  
  • The smallest of all tire deflation systems! 
  • Opens up wider on roadway  
  • Less post deployment adjustments  
  • Spike-Strip offers One handed deployment and retrieval of the Strip
  • Spike-Strip requires minimal re-training of your officers.     



  • Spike-Strip can be ordered with either a cord reel or loop winder and are factory pre-assembled. 
  • Deploy and retrieve as an integrated system. 
  • Covert Sliding style Deployment, covert color 
  • Spike-Strip Spikes are 100% encapsulated in plastic 
  • This is to protect the officer and the strip from damage 




  • Tough Elastometric Nylon 66 
  • Replacement spikes cost pennies compared to hundreds of dollars 
  • No replacement sleeves, sections or expensive parts 

 Fleet Mobility

  • Always Accessible 
  • Fits all Vehicles 
  • Use Over and Over

Mounts Anywhere 

Fits All Cars

Fits SUVs



Fits Motorcycles


Spare Partsspikes

Use Over and Over Again

Officer Mobility

  • Quick Access
  • Easy to Deploy

  • Safe

  • Reusable




 Easy Deployment


One Hand




Officer Serviceable